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Specialist tubes

specialist tubes

If it's specialist, or so complicated you think it probably can't be done, give us a call – specialist, unique and one off cardboard tubes are no problem for us!

Our in-house engineering and creative skills give us unrivalled capability and enthusiasm for innovation and special projects. We love getting involved in new and challenging briefs. We'll create bespoke cardboard tubes and postal cardboard tubes made to order with minimum fuss, even if other cardboard tube manufacturers say it can't be done.

We've been involved in manufacturing for a wide range of fascinating projects, including:

  • Sand-coated tubes
  • Sticky tubes
  • Bull-nosed tubes
  • Flattened tubes
  • Glued and assembled tubes
  • Grooved tubes
  • Waxed tubes
  • Snecked/slotted tubes
  • Embossed tubes
  • Flap tubes
  • Pull-apart (collapsible) tubes
  • Slit tubes
  • Burnished tubes
  • Stapled caps on tubes
  • Crimped tubes
  • Double sided tape tubes

Get in touch for bespoke and specialist cardboard tubes and we'll get it made!

Specialist cardboard tubes