Technical Knowledge

Paper and cardboard science

We know tubes and cores inside out. To do so we have to understand a huge amount about papers and cardboards of every type. Unless otherwise necessary, or specified, all of our stock is 100% recyclable and wherever possible we manufacture using recycled materials.

We stock a huge range of range of Chip, HPB (High Performance Board) and Kraft board grades in varying widths and weights to ensure your specification requirements are met exactly.

We are able to analyse paper performance characteristics in-house to select the most suitable grades of paper from the best suppliers. Different paper mills often produce the same paper grades but with different ‘characters’, depending on the method and nuances of raw material selection during their manufacture, and we take this into account too.

Our paper stocks and knowledge allow us to produce spiral tubes with optimised crush strengths (tested in-house) and very tightly closed or ‘butt-jointed’ winding gaps – whatever the inside diameter or wall thickness. Our convolute tubes are the strongest available on the market.

All of our papers are sourced from recycled fibres or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC certified) paper mills.

We have built long-standing and mutually trusting relationships with all of our key suppliers as we know we have to have a consistent, high-quality supply chain. We know that supplies, prices and mill capabilities vary so having a trusted supplier infrastructure is an extremely important aspect of our overall Risk Management Programme.

Adhesives and glues

What is true for our technical knowledge and experience of paper supplies is equally true for adhesives.

We use multiple types of adhesive - and combinations of adhesives - during our various manufacturing processes. All our adhesives are non-toxic and water soluble. Ultra-high-strength, waterproof, rot proof, elastic, resin-based, polymer-based, soluble, recyclable - the chemistry, performance and functionality of adhesives and glues is a science in its own right. We have the knowledge to ensure we get things spot on, every time, whatever the requirements.

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