Quality, Care & Sustainability

Total Quality Management

We are an ISO9001 accredited company which means you can have complete confidence in our Quality Management Systems. We apply TQM (Total Quality Management) principles to every aspect of our business.

We pride ourselves not only on our production expertise and capabilities but also on our detailed technical knowledge about everything to do with cardboard tubes, cores and cones and their various uses and applications. We understand everything to do with paper and card types, adhesives, specialist finishes and a great deal more, as well as how our products have to perform in all sorts of manufacturing and operating environments. We spend a considerable amount of time working with customer’s and at or in their businesses so that we can ensure that what we supply is absolutely fit-for purpose.

Outstanding Customer Care

What company doesn’t say it is passionate about and excellent at customer care? We are no exception but it’s probably more helpful to explain that everything we do in our business is configured around our requirement to be utterly “dependable” in our customers eyes – regardless of who the customer is or what they need.

This means that we start every new customer relationship carefully and thoroughly so that we are clear about what exactly they require and what their critical success factors are. We then work incredibly hard to ensure we deliver on these requirements – 24 hours a day, every day (which includes careful planning for holiday periods as well as for both possible and unexpected disruption. In fact careful and thorough planning and logistics management are both essential components of our approach to customer care).

We have been a totally dependable “critical supply” company during the Covid19 pandemic and we continued to supply successfully throughout the peak of the pandemic. We like to think this is strong evidence of both our commitment and our capabilities and reassuring evidence of our promise to our customers that “We deliver”.

We can make available lots of stats and data to support our claims for outstanding customer care. See our Evidence section of the site which includes testimonials, case studies and more besides. More convincing than all of this, however, are our customers themselves and we would encourage you to speak to any of them to find out what they think about us.


Stell is an environmentally responsible manufacturing and supply business. We know we have an impact on our environment and we, like many other companies, are working harder and harder to reduce our environmental impact.

Our 100,000 square foot site utilises solar power as well as energy from the grid and when we can we feed our excess energy back into the grid. We operate a state-of-the-art biomass boiler and heating system which utilises recycled materials and we are constantly exploring new ways to reduce our energy consumption, increase our efficiency and minimise our carbon footprint wherever practical and possible.

For Stell, however, sustainability goes much deeper than the environmental dimension. For us sustainability means managing and operating the business so that it is still around and still leading the market in another 150 years’ time - whatever that might require.

This means investing in the business and running it with an eye on the longer term and bigger picture perspectives. It’s why we pride ourselves on our community relationships and position as we know we are interdependent with the businesses, people and infrastructure around us. Our customers depend on us for consistency and continuity. This means we run our business in such a way that we know we will always be able to deliver.

We know we will always have to be extremely competitive on price. We also know we have to be successful and profitable if we are to remain economically viable and competitive; and able to retain our position at the forefront of our industry.

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