Storage & Delivery Options

At Stell we stand for dependable, dedicated delivery

Our customers need to know that they can count on us to deliver, consistently, on spec, again and again.

As well as our cardboard products needing to deliver on their performance and specification requirements we also have to ensure we get our customers their products where they want them, when they want them and in the right quantity, shape and format to meet their needs.

At Stell we use a dedicated transport fleet as well as a range of trusted and proven third party couriers and hauliers to ensure we never let our customers down wherever they are in the country. Our heavy nationwide logistical footprint means we have the economies of scale to deliver these bulky products cost effectively. We will quite literally go “the extra mile” to ensure we deliver what we promise.

We use a highly sophisticated fleet management system so that we can ensure we know exactly what is where, and when things will arrive.

This includes capacity management and delivery-and-pick-up optimisation for both raw materials and finished goods so that we are operating as time and cost-effectively as we can wherever possible.

Whatever your delivery requirements are from just-in-time supply through to regular daily or weekly deliveries we will arrange to deliver accordingly. This includes ensuring that we package and organise your products in the way you require.

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