About Us

Quality, high-performance cardboard tubes without fuss

At Stell we live and breathe cardboard and paper tubes, cores and everything to do with them. We make sure our customers get what they want and need.

Although we have been around for 150 years (since 1872) - more than 100 years and three times longer than any of our major competitors - complacency is something you will never find at Stell; not with any of our employees or in anything we do.

At Stell we know we have to be on spec, on time and on budget - whatever the job. Whether it is a repeat run of large, standard textile cores or a highly specialised, one-off, bespoke order for a new client. Whatever you need in the world of cardboard tubes and cores - we will deliver.

Quality, high-performance cardboard tubes without fuss

Our products so often sit at the very heart of our customers’ products and businesses. They depend on us to deliver. Repeatedly. It’s a huge responsibility and one we take very seriously – and we have a track record that reflects our total commitment to our customers.

We know tubes and cores – and everything associated with them and their effective supply – inside out. Our depth of knowledge and experience; the latest plant, machinery and technology; our 24-hour, round the clock operation; and the very highest levels of customer service combined together put us at the very forefront of our industry.

We don’t make a fuss about things but we are passionate about what we do and highly professional in the way we do it.

The highest standards

Quality and precision sit at the heart of everything we do. All of our key processes are ISO9001 compliant – from our production systems, through our maintenance and cleaning processes and procedures, to our HR and people practices. And more. Attention to detail, and consistency, characterise the way we do things at Stell.

We are dedicated to delivering top-quality, high-performance tubes and cores to whatever specification our customers need, from 4mm ID cores for the textile or auto industries to large, wide-diameter 1500mm tubes for heavy industrial and construction purposes. Repeat runs or one-offs. Whatever it is you need – you can depend on Stell to deliver.

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