Tissue Conversion

Manufacturing tissue paper is a complex technological procedure.

Using complex machines to transform big jumbo reels of paper into high-quality toilet tissue or other similar applications is complex. The machines involved perform many work steps to manufacture the finished product. They unwind, print, emboss, rewind, fold, cut, wrap and bundle within seconds and do so fully automatically.

Stell can provide cardboard tubes and cores to support all these various demands during the process.

In particular our in-house process means we can create a tube that is easily ‘pulled-apart’ or ‘guaranteed to unravel’ to allow the material wound onto it (usually tissue paper) to be dispensed from the centre of the roll.

Whatever your tube requirements are, we can help. We understand just how critical it is for our customers to have cores they can trust; cores that will not cause down-time or disruption to their winding lines.

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