Packaging Tubes

At Stell we produce an immense range of cardboard tubes  – as well as end caps  – specifically for mailing and postal usage.

Cardboard tubes are a proven, practical and extremely-cost effective form of packaging for a wide range of mailing, delivery or transportation purposes. Our tubes vary in diameter and wall thickness according to your particular requirements and we understand that any variances in size or production quality can immediately have an adverse impact on postage or other transportation costs.

We understand that some packaging tubes get reused or are used subsequently for storage and some won’t be. We’ll also take into account what it is you may be wanting to send or transport, for example how fragile it may be.

We can also supply whatever you may need for closing or sealing your packaging tubes – and can provide a wide range of end caps either loose, stapled or riveted in an appropriate range of sizes and colours

We also offer an unrivalled range of printed or coloured covers and liners whatever you may require for your packaging tubes.

If you require a more retail-ready, premium printed finish to your tubes, our sister company Encircle offers a fantastic high-specification print capability.

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