We offer an unrivalled range of printed or coloured covers and liners whatever you may require for your tubes or cores.

As well as having to ensure that all of our tubes are high-performance items - accurate to every customer’s required performance specifications such as dimensional accuracy, strength, fit and finish and anything else including environmental credentials or recyclability - we also understand the vital importance of consistency and continuity of supply.

Outstanding Delivery

Our OTIF (On Time In Full) delivery performance levels are outstanding. We know it is essential to provide both a consistently high-quality product and supply and service levels of the highest order so that our customers can depend on us.

Every aspect of Stell is considered with these factors in mind – we take long term decisions on our production capacity covering equipment, stock levels, warehousing capacity, logistics, training, recruitment, supplier selection, investment and more to ensure that we can maintain consistency and continuity of quality and delivery. It’s an approach that has served us well and one we won’t change.

Key stats:

Over 16,000 km of tubes per year – same distance as London to Sydney

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