Our People

We are proud of our people. We look after them.

We know that if we invest in them and develop them we will grow their knowledge, loyalty and experience.

In return they will invest themselves back into the business by working hard, helping to improve what we do, supporting our customers and staying with us – which means we retain all their know-how, experience and specialist skills. We have over 25 employees with more than 20 years’ length-of-service.

This all leads to higher levels of involvement and innovation. Together we are constantly looking to improve the way we work and to reduce cost and eliminate waste. This means greater efficiency and the lowest possible prices for our customers.

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A better place to work

That’s our aim at Stell. We have always been a highly-respected local employer and have remained loyal to the local Keighley community, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. In 2015 we moved from our historic Holme Mills site to our new purpose-built, 100,000 square foot factory just off the Keighley ring-road.

We believe such loyalty and having a strong local reputation is important. It means we can attract and retain the people we want and need. And they stay with us: our 100+ employees have an average length of service length of more than 13 years. Indeed we have many employees today who have followed in their parents’ and grandparents’ footsteps by working at Stell.

We understand that positive word of mouth is the best form of marketing when it comes to attracting new employees. So when people come and work for us we work hard to keep them fully on board and engaged. We have progressive and generous people policies and we structure and manage our people in a very family-friendly way despite the demands of running an ongoing, fully-integrated business operation 24-hours a day.

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Personal development

We recognise how important it is to invest in our people to develop their skills, knowledge capabilities and confidence.

Our most senior engineer started his apprenticeship 30 years ago with us and he mentored our most recent apprentice. We are currently recruiting our next two apprentice engineers.

Our trainee Production Manager started with us from school. Subsequently we have funded his university degree in Manufacturing Engineering to complement his practical experience.

There is an opportunity for everyone at Stell to get involved, develop their potential, make a difference and feel a valued part of our community.

We believe in “train and retain”

There is a great deal of specialist, highly-technical knowledge involved in what we do. We see ourselves as an engineering business almost as much as a manufacturer. Indeed, in addition to our highly-qualified site engineer, three other members of our management team hold degrees in either Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering. All of our cardboard tubes and cores (and everything associated with them) that we supply have to be totally dependable and perform consistently. Our plant and machinery; our processes; our storage operations and our distribution and fleet services all need to work like clockwork. This requires highly-capable and committed people. We know we have to train and support our employees accordingly so that they can operate at the levels we expect of them.

We believe in “train and retain” and we provide our people with training covering a wide range of areas and topics including Health & Safety and LEAN techniques along with a great deal more relating to the various specialist departments and roles in the business.

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