Convolute Tubes

These are made from single sheets of cardboard, chosen to meet the particular requirements of the application, along with the most appropriate types of adhesives.

Compared with a spiral cardboard tube, a convolute tube with the same dimensions has superior beam strength but inferior crush strength. This makes them ideal for materials, such as fabrics, with a high grammage per metre square but are wound at low tensions. Also their single sheet construction allows them to tolerate higher internal pressures which makes them ideal for pyrotechnic applications.

Due to a combination of paper grain direction and winding orientation, convolute tubes and cores can be made with smaller inside diameters more easily than spiral tubes. Wall thickness range is quite specific to the internal diameter (ID) and the maximum tube length (width) is determined by the length of the making tool or mandrel.

We have unrivalled experience and expertise in the manufacture of convolute cardboard tubes and have developed many techniques and processes that are unique to Stell. We offer the largest range of internal diameters, from 4mm to 63.5mm, and we have a huge range of cardboard grades in stock. We are the UK’s only supplier of smaller convolute tubes (less than 20mm ID).

Our state-of-the-art cutting equipment and highly experienced manufacturing teams can guarantee excellent, burr-free cut quality, spot on tolerances and the highest quality finishes.

Our services also include cutting, snecking, capping, disc-fitting, flattening, sanding, bull-nosing, crimping, end-turning, wax-dipping, burnishing and slitting.

Typical applications for convolute tubes and cores include:

Reel Tubes

Closed end tubes

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