28th Nov 2022

Investing In The Future


As part of our 150th anniversary celebrations at Stell, we’re investing in the future, to build resilience for us and for our customers.

Today we’re proud to be one of the UK’s largest cardboard core and tube manufacturers. We know that our customers rely on our products to keep their factories, lines, warehouses, and manufacturing operations moving, and it’s a responsibility that we take seriously. They have all played a part in our 150-year story – and we thank every one of our customers for helping to make us what we are today.

Which is why we’re investing in the future. So that we can continue to be at the cutting edge of cores and tubes.

What does investing in the future look like?

Our cardboard tubes and cores are crucial to the continuity and successful operation of our customers factories across the UK. They need to be of the highest quality performance to ensure customers can run their factories without interruption. That’s what we’ve been delivering since 1872, and what we will continue to do in the future. Innovating and investing so that we deliver and help our customers prosper and grow their businesses.

Over the past two years we have invested £2million in:

  • State-of-the-art core cutting equipment
  • Increasing our workforce by 20%
  • Investing in sustainable power technologies, including a biomass boiler and solar power
  • Creating a bespoke engineering training programme

All this investment increases product quality, capability, and our manufacturing capacity by more than 25%.

We are renowned for our technical capability and high-quality performance cores, as well as our family values and the important commercial part we play in our customers’ operations. We are incredibly proud of our family roots and how we’ve remained at the forefront of the UK’s cardboard tube manufacturing industry. Thank you for your continued support as we build for the future together.

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