10th Feb 2022

Our new division – Encircle Packaging!


Here at Stell we are very proud and excited to launch our new retail brand, Encircle Packaging.  After 150 years of manufacturing every possible type of industrial tube, the addition of premium retail packaging has been long overdue.  Finally we can offer customers bespoke labelled tubes with a range of styles, closures and textures to create that point of difference to drive sales.  Virtually every tube container produced is bespoke to the customer and the application.  From spirits to candles, perfumes to trees, Encircle Packaging has a truly unique solution for each and every customer and product.

The key to our success is down to customer engagement and attention to detail.  Every project begins with learning about the aesthetic and technical requirements for the final packaging and this can only be achieved through close interaction with the customer.  Ideas are suggested, proposals are presented and, if successful, the real work begins to ensure that the tube container is manufactured to at least achieve, if not exceed, customer expectations.  Clearly the majority of our customers appreciate what we do because they come back time and time again for repeat orders and new projects.

We are delighted with the addition of Encircle Packaging and hope you are too!  Please come visit us at www.encirclepackaging.com and take a look for yourselves.

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