5th Jun 2020

Doing our Bit


There was excitement this weekend, and also a slight thrill, of being a small part of a national news story – not something that often happens in the Cardboard Tube world!

On Friday evening we were asked how quickly we could make five hundred 1.5m long tubes for re-winding NHS surgical gown material? Answer: Our wagon pulled into our customer’s yard in the South West at 09:00 on Monday morning (having set off from Keighley at 2:30am). Service!

Apparently, our customer has enough stock of this special virus-impermeable material to solve the NHS gown shortage within the next week or so, provided they can find factories to manufacture them. Hence Burberry, Mulberry and Barbour have all stepped-in, offering their manufacturing capacity and hopefully, therefore, a solution to part of the NHS PPE crisis that has been hitting recent news headlines.

We were obviously pleased to be able to help in a small way but will be REALLY pleased if it means the surgical gown shortage is alleviated.

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