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Value & Storage

Stell Value Engineered tube specifications and manages a 3rd party storage to meet customer’s service level requirements


Our customer – a premium label supplier to the Scottish drinks industry, including a number of leading distilleries across Scotland – faced two significant operational issues. Firstly they wanted to reduce the cost of their label release cores without compromising the ease of release at the end of the roll.

Their second issue was the holding of sufficient stock within easy access of their factory in Scotland so that they could ensure 100 per cent supply reliability at all times.

For the release core challenge our R&D team used their extensive expertise and experience to identify and source a lower cost non-silicon-based paper that matched the performance of the usual silicon-based paper most commonly used for release cores. This alternative, cheaper paper stock was used to develop core samples that were then tested at a number of the customer’s customers to check there was no adverse impact on their production. The result: cheaper cores; a happy customer; and no disruption to the customer’s end customers.

The stock-holding and distribution challenge was solved by Stell sourcing a warehouse operator located close to the customer’s main customer cluster.  Working with this third party Stell set up a mini-distribution hub that could take bulk pallet deliveries from Stell and then distribute supplies onwards as and when required.

“Stell took away any of our concerns over reliability of supply,” said the client. “They manage stock levels super-efficiently so we don’t even have to think about this aspect of our operation. The system has operated smoothly now for more than five years with zero stock-outs, including throughout the pandemic.”

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