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Waxed cones, conical bolt boxes

Cones – Waxed Cones / Bolt Boxes & Textiles

Size (inches) Size (mm)
9 229
12 305
15 381
18 457
21 533
24 610
30 762

Waxed Cones / Bolt Boxes

Waxed cones and cardboard conical bolt boxes are widely used by construction industries and in pre-fabricated steel buildings.

Conical bolt boxes provide a perfect way of sitting fixing bolts into ground floors of steel frame buildings or similar applications.

Industrial cardboard tubes come in a variety of dimensions depending on your requirements. No matter what size waxed cone you are after, we are sure to have what you are looking for. Ranging from 9 to 30 inches for our standard sizes, we can also supply non-standard sizes, so we have all your needs covered.

The cones that are made from paper board include: Construction Cones, Waxed Cones, Conical Bolt Boxes, Paper Cones.

We can supply and them on a next-day delivery basis, so give us a call and we'll get them to you wherever and whenever you need them.

Textile Cones

We supply a full range of textile cones for yarns and threads. Our cones are manufactured to the highest quality and can be specified with any combination of colour, finish and bunching groove. We can also supply with either open or bull nosed ends.

We stock a wide range of recycled chipboards, pulpboards and krafts and can supply tubes with printed or coloured covers and liners very economically. We offer an unrivalled service, including cutting, snecking, capping, disc-fitting, flattening, sanding, bull-nosing, end-turning, wax-dipping, burnishing and slitting. And we'll package your tubes however you require.

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