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We can make just about any kind of paper tube, even when other manufacturers of cardboard tubes can't—including cost-effective, non-stock sizes at short notice. So don't hesitate to ask about your special requirements.

With 100,000 sq ft of plant and two separate buildings, we never stop manufacturing postal tubes—24 hours a day. Here are just some of the standard products we offer:

If you need it, we can make it.

Spiral Tubes & Cores

Spiral Tubes & Cores

With an enormous range of lengths, diameters, wall thicknesses and material specifications including internal and external printing.

Convolute Tubes

Convolute Tubes Our convolute expertise is unrivalled in the UK. We can wind tubes down to 3mm and up to 101.6mm internal diameter. Convolutes are ideal for pyrotechnical applications and where a high beam strength, low-cost solution is needed. We can also make them with flaps for specialist textile applications.

Specialist Tubes

Specialist Tubes Our in-house engineering and creative skills give us unrivalled capability and enthusiasm for innovation and special projects. We love getting involved in new and special briefs.

Cones - Waxed Cones / Conical Bolt Boxes & Textiles

Cones - Waxed Cones / Conical Bolt Boxes & Textiles We stock a standard range of Cones - Waxed Cones / Conical Bolt Boxes for concrete-forming work & Textile Cones . We can also offer custom sizes so just ask!

End Caps, Fixtures & Fittings

End Caps, Fixtures & Fittings

We supply a huge range of discs, caps and reel components, assembled or in kit form.

we’re totally flexible

When it comes to materials, we stock a wide range of recycled chipboards, pulpboards and krafts. Tell us about your application and we'll recommend the right solution for you.

Our in-house printing facility means we can supply tubes with printed or coloured covers and liners very economically—even on smaller or infrequent production runs, ideal for trials, exhibitions or special events.

As for finishing, we offer an unrivalled service, including cutting, snecking, capping, disc-fitting, flattening, sanding, bull-nosing, end-turning, wax-dipping, burnishing and slitting.

We'll package your tubes however you require: we can even accommodate your own or your customers' processes/capacity with custom labelling, boxes, stillages or pallets.

And we deliver across the UK, using a fleet of modern trucks. That means you'll receive the right goods, in perfect condition, on the correct day—and thanks to our intelligent GPS units, we won't get lost on the way.